Price per line for translations CHF
  Minimum price per order CHF
  Certified translation (basic fee) CHF
    Price per certification CHF
    Notary's fee per certification CHF
  Proofreading (hourly rate) CHF

Surcharge of 20% for night and weekend work (upon agreement).

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General Terms and Conditions

Basis for Calculation

A standard line covers 55 characters, including spaces, of the translated text. Commenced lines are counted as full standard lines. Numbers and text in tables are converted into standard lines. Normal overhead costs (telephone charges, basic postal costs or facsimile transmissions) are included in the basic rate. Express postage, courier services etc. are billed at cost. Upon prior agreement, a supplement is charged for urgent orders issued at short notice.

Placement of Order

Offer prices are to be considered as guidelines. Billing is based on the actual number of lines translated. Any deviation from the amount quoted in writing is limited to a maximum of 15%. With the transmission of the text to be translated or the acceptance of the offer, the order is deemed to have been placed.


Text in electronic form by e-mail or as hardcopy delivered in person or by mail.


Complaints must be made within 30 days of delivery. Otherwise the translation shall be deemed approved. In the event of justified complaints, the translator will revise the translation or retranslate the text at no further cost to the customer. Any further liability on the part of the translator is expressly excluded.

Payment Terms

Invoices are payable within 30 days net.


Exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zürich 11.

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