What can Transl8 offer you?


Transl8 offers high-quality professional translations, specialising in legal translations. Thanks to good connections to an international law firm, my experience – accumulated over a period of more than fifteen years – extends to many different areas of law. For example:

Based on my many years of experience in translating legal texts, I can guarantee that your documents will be translated competently and professionally.

Transl8 handles your orders quickly and diligently. The timely processing of your orders helps you to meet your deadlines as well.

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Transl8 offers translations in the following language pairs:

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Certified translation

With Transl8 you are at the right address if you need a certified translation. In dealings with authorities, a simple translation is sometimes not enough. What is required instead is a translation from an official or sworn translator, i.e. an officially certified translation. Here are a few examples of documents that may have to be notarised:

There are no sworn or official translators in most cantons of Switzerland. If a certified translation is required, a qualified translator issues a translation certificate, which is then notarised by a notary public. The notary public, of course, does not himself check the content of the translation but merely certifies the translator's signature or identity.

Foreign authorities may also ask for an apostille. For that purpose, the State Chancellery confirms the signature or identity of the notary public or the authenticity of his seal.

For further information, please refer to:

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Text Service

Transl8 is also available to fine-tune your original texts in German or English. Transl8 can take care of proofreading for you or even editing your texts in order to ensure that you are able to provide your customers or business partners with error-free documents that convey a reliable and respectable impression.



In proofreading, the text is checked for formal errors. In particular, the following points are carefully examined:

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In addition to the purely formal error correction in proofreading, editing also involves checking linguistic and stylistic aspects of the text. In particular, the editor checks the following points and, if necessary, suggests alternative wordings:

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Text formatting

Transl8 will not just deliver your translation as a simple text file. The aim is rather to copy the design of the source document as accurately as possible. This is very easy when the source text is well-formatted to begin with and available in an overwritable format. The translation of documents that are only available as hard copies, on the other hand, may involve some more work.

The range of services includes the processing of documents in various formats. The document type most often used is Microsoft Word, followed by PowerPoint and Excel. If you work with Apple computers, I can edit your texts using the respective applications, namely Pages, Keynote and Numbers.

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The translations are usually delivered by e-mail. Other options are available on request. For large files, for example, I can set up an FTP upload. Certified translations will be handed over to you personally or sent by mail.

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